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Pink Rose Quartz Slice crystal & silver chain necklace

Pink Rose Quartz Slice crystal & silver chain necklace

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Introducing our exquisite Pink Rose Quartz Slice with Silver Snake Chain Necklace.

Adorn yourself with the delicate beauty of this stunning Rose Quartz slice pendant, elegantly showcased on a silver snake chain. The natural pink hues of the Rose Quartz create a captivating and feminine appeal, while the pendant's dimensions of approximately 50mm long, 10mm wide, and 6mm deep make it a graceful and eye-catching accessory.

Perfect for day-to-day wear, this crystal necklace effortlessly enhances any outfit and adds a touch of elegance and serenity to your style. The silver snake chain complements the Rose Quartz slice, allowing its natural beauty to shine through.

Embrace the positive energy and gentle healing properties of Rose Quartz, known for promoting love, compassion, and inner harmony. The soothing vibrations of this crystal are believed to bring emotional healing and foster self-love and acceptance.

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Don't miss the opportunity to add the Pink Rose Quartz Slice with Silver Necklace to your collection. Order now and experience the timeless allure and positive energy that EJ NZ Gems has to offer.

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